01.10.20::one of the most energetic albums on prestige, fire eater from rusty bryant, now added to the site::

01.10.17::added the classic hidden strength funk-monster::

01.10.07::added a soulful mid-70s record from zulema, pronounced zoo-lay-ma:expanded one scheme-page into s-z and update of the navigation-elements on each page::

01.09.16::added another herbie mann-album, together with tamiko jones::

01.09.09::added the debut-album of bobby pierce from 1972, who was playing with clarence wheeler and the enforcers at that time::

01.09.02::added a mid-70s-blue-note-album from bobbi humphrey, one of these cosmic mizell-brothers-productions::

01.08.26::added a 1967 album from brother jack mcduff on atlantic::

01.08.18::added funk, inc., a david axelrod production on prestige::

01.08.05::added the nite-liters from 1972 and the freddie mccoy-soundsample peas'n'rice:it's finished - every archived record now has its soundsample:expanded one scheme-page into n-r and update of the artist-navigation on every page::

01.07.29::added another prestige-lp from the great organist charles earland and the meters-soundsample gettin' funkier all the time::